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Miel Agility

The one and only,

fully customizable dog accessories.

Made with LOVE!

But before heading to the store, here is a bit of FAQ!

Q: May I see a sample product?

The short answer is, NO.

The long answer is that we don’t have a stock of “ready to sell products” because we produce everything on your order and everything is fully customizable.

But of course, if you know someone who already bought from us, you can see theirs😊

Q: But I’d like to see what “my” custom image will look like!🤨

Everybody does, right?😉

The sarcastic joke aside, we understand that if you never ordered something custom-made (and also hand-made at the same time), it could be a bit confusing.

That’s why, to give you an idea of what our products would look like, we created highly realistic illustrations of all our products that you can see in our store. We just can’t possibly do this for every custom image print order.

We promise to do our best so that “your” custom image printed product will turn out as good as humanly (or dogly) ever possible.

This is the best part of having custom-made items; they are always unique to you (or your dog in our case).

Please take a look at our Useful Info section to have more information.

Q: You said that you don’t have stock but I see stock numbers in the product pages. How so?🤔

Yes, that’s right, we don’t have stock. And yes, there are stock numbers for our products. But our stock numbers don’t represent the physical item in our shop like any other shop around.

Like we said before, we produce on your order. We don’t have any stocks.

We have a different approach to stock.

All artworks that we use on our products have copyrights with artists all around the world.

So, those “left in stock” numbers represent how many products we are allowed to print with that particular design. The limit of the “copyright”.

And this is the other good thing about our custom-made products. Every item is limited edition!👏🎉

We explain, with more details, how stock numbers work in our store, in the Useful Info section.

Q: And why are you doing all this?

Money aside? 🤪 Because we wanted to have special and beautiful items for Miel but there were none like we wanted. More research just led to nothing. So we thought that we couldn’t be the only ones who want the same thing. More about why, what and how, is on our About page.

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