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What, How and Most Importantly Why?

We’ve looked everywhere!

Every pet store! Online or in the street passing by!


We (meaning, I) produce all accessories that you see on this website by ourselves (again, meaning, by myself). All accessories that we can’t find anywhere else. Because they don’t exist. At least not like we wanted.

We are starting with collars. And we’ll continue with harnesses, treat bags, leashes, toys, workbook covers and many other accessories that you can imagine (or maybe, you can’t). Or anything you think should already exist, but it doesn’t! Just tell us and we’ll make it happen!


First, we carefully search for our base materials with optimum quality and price in mind.

When we receive your order, then, we begin producing everything in-house. Everything is designed, printed and sewn by us.

And last but not least, we meticulously check every detail of the final product for optimal style, stitch, and strength quality.

We don’t mass produce. We don’t have a product stock. Every product is fully customized by you and produced by us for you and your dog, on your order. Every single product is unique.

We produce all our products as if our dog (Miel) or even ourselves will wear or use them.


Why aren’t there any large collars (width-wise, not length) for medium or small dogs? Or why aren’t there any (beautiful) martingale collars at pet stores in the street? Not even a sample to see the materials and/or quality?

Why are those treat bags so huge or tiny, and never comfortably stay put? Why can’t I just take a single piece, or run without spilling treats all over the place? Or even reach to the bottom to take the last one? And why is there a greasy stain on all my pants where I put the bag?

And why do all pet accessories look the same?

That’s why!

And again; we produce all our products as if our dog or even ourselves will wear or use them.

And that’s why; we proudly put our name on it!