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Information about our products

Our designs’ copyrights and stock

There is no connection between design copyrights and stock management in a normal apparel shop (for humans or animals) unless it is one of those haute couture brands.

But not with us. (Not that we are an haute couture brand -yet!-)

Like we said before, we produce on your order. We don’t have any stocks.

We have a different approach to stock.

What you see as “X number of products in stock” in our shop has nothing to do with the actual product stock.

All artworks we use on our products have copyrights with artists all around the world.

So, those “left in stock” numbers represent, how many products we are allowed to print with that particular design. The limit of the “copyright”.

Most of our designs are limited to 50 copies (items). Once someone buys an item (eg. a collar), not only does the stock of this product decrease but the stocks of other products (keychain, workbook cover, etc.) with the same design also decrease. Once 50 products that share the same design are sold, that specific design is gone and we may or may not re-stock the copyright for that specific design (and we will most probably NOT -like 99,99%-).

And some of our products are limited to just 1 (ONE), unique copy.

We decided to use those unique copy designs for our bundle products, which contain multiple products (like a collar + workbook cover + keychain or multiple collars). You can’t miss them; they are labeled as “UNIQUE” in our shop.

Once that ONE unique copy design is sold, it’s gone. We will NOT re-stock the copyright for that specific design (like never, ever again).

So, if you want a really unique product for your dog and yourself, those unique design product bundles are the way to go!

Where to find designs?

You can actually, simply google it.

Say like you want a design with bananas. You can search for “banana pattern” or “banana seamless“, and go from there to websites that have vector designs and/or illustrations.

File uploads

When you upload your own design or photo for custom products, always keep in mind the actual product dimensions and proportions.

A collar is a long rectangle. The long part is 5 to 10 (or even 15) times longer than the short part. (3x30cm or 5x30cm)

A workbook cover (in the open position) is a shorter rectangle than a collar. It’s more like 3x short part to 8x long part. (15x40cm)

If you are uploading a photo (which is most probably not in that proportions), please write us a note with your order about which part (approximately) you want it to be printed on your product.

We will do our best to produce the best possible custom printed product for you.

Product images

Because we produce on order and don’t have an actual product stock, we don’t have actual products printed with designs.

We of course test print our designs to see how they perform and appear on our fabrics before putting them on sale. But we don’t make full-fledged products.

So, the product images you see in our shop, apart from fully white ones, are illustrations (photo manipulation) to give you an idea of how the final product will look.

In time, with orders that we receive, we will take photos and create photo galleries, to show you what the actual printed products look like.


We always calibrate our screens and printers to be sure that what we see on the screen is what we get when we print. But unfortunately, this is not the case for an ordinary, everyday computer user.

Today almost all screens we use (computer, TV, smartphone, tablet…) comes with more or less calibrated screens but most of the time, they are much more saturated and contrasted than what they should have (to be more pleasing and appealing to the eye of the buyer).

So the result is, what you see on “your” screen may not be (and most probably not) what we see on “our” screen, and eventually different than what gets printed.

There are also more technical problems with printing colors and most importantly printing colors on textile. (There are even some colors that can’t be printed easily).

So please remember; “that flashy pink” that you see on “your” screen may not be what you get in the end.

Fabrics we use

Because of what we want to offer as our products, being fully customizable colors and sizes, and produced on order, we are limited to one kind of material: 100% polyester. On our collars, we use a sturdy premium canvas. Our workbook covers are made from a softer but sturdy premium canvas with a water-resistant backing. And finally, our keychains are made from 4 millimeters thick felt.

To be able to offer this to you and, print quickly and efficiently, we use a special printing technique that can only be printed on 100% polyester.

This printing technique is the same technique used to produce human athletes’ high-performance jerseys (which are also 100% polyester or with a little mix of elastic material).